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Stanley & Wencl Design-Build Commercial Construction General Contractor Development Twin Cities Minneapolis St. Paul Greater Metro Minnesota

Our Services

Your Stanley & Wencl team manages the entire lifecycle of your facility. From initial construction to ongoing maintenance, to service, repairs and renovations, no one knows your building better.


We're experts at managing risks, controlling costs and mitigating facility challenges.

Let Stanley & Wencl maintain a strong and durable structure for you.

General Contracting

Keeping your project on time and on budget is critical. By leveraging our partner relationships and measuring project status through detailed schedules, methodical safety plans and effective cost control reporting, as your general contractor we're able to closely monitor and promptly identify issues that could impact the budget and project timeline.


We routinely practice safety on the job site and deliver the highest quality work and professionalism.

Design & Build

Rapid project delivery without compromising quality is achieved through our design-build services that combine the expertise of our architectural, engineering, and construction partners.


Owner-collaboration is paramount throughout the design process. This process cost-effectively helps you arrive at the right product and design while maximizing the owner's time. The Stanley & Wencl process delivers the best utilization of your resources.

Renovation & Restoration

Taking something old and making it new again takes time and thought. Our vast knowledge of construction materials, techniques and repair options is applied on every project for maximum results.


Whether you are restoring a modern building or a 100-year-old structure, we have the experience to ensure execution of your vision. Our creative team works hard to rebuild an environment that makes a statement about who you are as a company or organization.

Tenant Build-Out

The tenant build-out process aims to provide a space that suits the needs of each tenant. With this process comes extensive negotiation between building owners (landlords) and the tenant to establish necessary improvements including who is in charge of completing the work, who pays for the improvements, as well as tenant restrictions and requirements at the end of the build-out.

This approach also involves making the most of each space - often repurposing a structure for very different end-use. From the transformation of a big-box electronics store into small retail space for multiple owners or conversion of a bank into a high-end office space, we excel at finding a cost-effective solution that meets the needs of the new occupants.

Construction Development Services

One of the most essential parts of the construction process is pre-construction which provides a roadmap to help you achieve your desired outcome. We make sure you have the entire picture in mind from the beginning by providing custom preliminary interior and exterior designs, elevations and site plans, including information on building code reviews, potential land-use issues, cost projections and project budgets.

We also provide feasibility studies that arm you with the tools to make educated decisions about your project. The preliminary design process allows us to fully understand your business needs and develop a custom design to meet those needs. During this phase, we utilize the expertise of architects and interior designers to propose aesthetic changes to the exterior and interior of the building to improve appearance and overall value.


We also conduct the planning and permitting functions, as well as coordinate with regulatory agencies and local neighborhoods. This extra step ensures a seamless plan is in place to achieve your project goals.

Facility Maintenance & Repair

Every business has maintenance issues that can arise without warning. The majority of facilities will encounter a broad range of these issues every week, month and year, making it crucial to practice regular, preventative measures to ensure your business operations aren't interrupted. We are ready to help you navigate these challenges and plan for the unexpected.


Our knowledgeable staff will work with you to find a maintenance schedule or repair plan to keep you operating no matter what the obstacle.

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