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Mochinut Donuts & Soke BBQ & Hotpot Restaurant Build Outs

A delicious pairing: Mochinut Korean rice flour donuts and Soke barbecue and hotpot self-cooking.

BROOKLYN PARK, MINNESOTA — SŌKE - (pronounced ‘so-keh’) is derived from the Japanese language and translates to "head of the family" or "grandmaster" in martial arts.

Mochinut is a popular brand of Mochi donuts. Mochi Donuts are crafted utilizing Korean Rice Flour. The restaurant also serves Korean Rice Flour Hotdogs, Bubble Tea Drinks and Soft Serve.

Learn how bubble tea is made in the video!

The sister restaurants were built out by Stanley & Wencl in an existing space.

This project represented a retrofit of retail strip mall space. The franchise unit of Mochinut remodeled the point-of-sale and seating areas, completed kitchen improvements, upgraded all light fixtures and installed a new roof top HVAC system.

Soke, an enjoyable BBQ and hotpot concept, relocated the walk-in cooler and freezer, removed a bathroom, added family bathrooms, and added a common wash station with lighted mirrors. New light fixtures and contemporary tiered chandeliers were installed.

In the dining room, new booths were added as well as new premium vinyl flooring. LED lighting was added on the east wall. The north wall received a full accent look with a flood coat of wood paneling.

The individual cooking tables are self-ventilating. This required taking the equipment to United Laboratories in Chicago for safety and health department certification. This avoided costly additions of overhead ventilation hoods at each table.

“We were pleased with the result, workflow and the cooking tables,” said owner owner Linh Huynh. “Stanley & Wencl did very well working with the health, sanitation and municipal authorities to achieve our vision. The community has embraced our unique restaurant experience!”


INDUSTRY: Restaurant

ARCHITECT: Finn Daniels Architects

Design-build on plumbing, HVAC and electrical.



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