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Cabela’s Storage Yard Addition: Attractive and Economical

Looking for economical and attractive commercial storage add-on solutions? Take a look at what we accomplished for Cabela's in Woodbury, Minnesota.

Can Outdoor Retail/Warehouse Storage Work for Your Products?

The main benefit of outdoor warehousing is that it’s less expensive than regular indoor storage. It’s also a good solution for large, weather-resistant products that require limited touches by associates.

Additionally, municipalities or neighbors often require outside retail and storage areas to have barriers that create a buffer to unsightly areas.

Having the option of outdoor retailing can be beneficial at a time when retail space is expensive across the US. If your products are hearty enough to be stored outside, you may have a much easier time finding warehouse space than your inside-only competitors.

The addition shown here married well with the existing structure and honored the existing color and materials scheme. It's a space municipalities will be proud of - no challenges getting past planning commissions with this approach!

Much gratitude to the staff that allowed us to work around them successfully!



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